Company Description 




To produce high quality materials available in natural finish that can customers substitute for traditional remodeling. Also reaching a broad target audience that can be attracted as base-customer for repeated purchases, encouraged by discounts, designs and ECO products.




Cute, sweet, kids friendly, designs for nurseries, clean products, durability, bold prints for high-end décor, elegant fashion, one-stop-shop for large renovations/installations…


Legal Structure


Traikovski Interiors is an S Corporation, incorporated in NY State. “BearWithCubs” will be a separate entity that will be Incorporated as C Corporation in Delaware.


100% - Sashko Traikovski

How The Web & Products Might Look

               Wallpaper Murals                 Wallpaper Patterns                 Grasscloth Wallpaper                 Tiles               Flooring

Wallpaper Murals

350+ new designs

100% ECO

Wallpaper Patterns

450+ new designs

100% ECO

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is a natural wall covering that is mostly made in Asia. Other materials that come in this category are also rushcloth, silk, jute and cork. All are available in our collection. Bellow just few images from these products but we have around 1,200 designs in raw material. 

Tile & Mosaics

500+ designs


100+ engineered & laminate

Thanks to my background in film I personally produced this commercial for only $50...

Other productions I've made include our recent launch of a Kickstarter campaign. One of our newest products. Super Cool Waterproof Wallpaper!

Company Advantages



  • ECO Products

  • Customizable Options 

  • Exclusive Designs

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Fast Shipping (2-3 days from ordering)

  • Direct Manufacturing and Selling to End Customer

  • Low Operating Cost

  • Stocking Low Inventory

  • Produce Fast When Quantity Needed (Digital Advantage)

  • Fast Expansion (Adding Manufacturing Equipment at Ease)

  • Low Manufacturing Cost

  • High Margins (400 - 700%) Flexibility for discounts and still keeping high profits

Marketing & Sales


Creating Audience  


  • Network with industry professionals. 

  • Create our own video show where two episodes a moth will air on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram). Episodes will cover different product installations in different environments. Kind of like HGTV for decorations.

  • Post content on daily basis on Social Media. This will be paid advertisement until solid fan base is created. AdWords campaigns included. 

  • Create web content for organic visibility. 

  • Coupon system for discounts.

  • Network with developers and building managements for direct wholesale purchases.

  • Project proposals with direct meetings with TriState Area professionals.

  • Create blog where customers can upload picture of their purchase with installation and short story. (Customer Engagement)

  • Reconnect with customers after their purchase was completed.

Our Reputation

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Sashko Traikovski 917-747-6453

Traikovski Interiors 
140 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018