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Our New Commercial Starring Matthew Steffens 

Thanks Matthew Steffens for coming to record this excellent piece of work! Some of his other work must be mentioned: The Last Five Years, Across the Universe, Black Box, BEST TIME EVER with Neil Patrick Harris, Smash, Pan Am, Clear Blue Tuesday. He has also appeared on Broadway in Women on the Verge, Promises, and served as the Associate Choreographer for Doctor Zhivago. Additionally, he has danced, fought and flown his way through 13 operas at the renowned Metropolitan Opera. 

Advertisement Credits:
Produced, Directed, Written, Cinematography, Lighting, Sound, Edited by: Sashko Traikovski
Music by: Eternity Bro: Days and Days
Presenter: Matthew Steffens
Location: NYC Traikovski Interiors Showroom